What Do I Do?

  • A big part in what I do is educate clients, so they avoid making wrong decisions about their money, especially when  media/friends or even strangers are given into the fads or fears of the moment.
  • I provide 'behavioral coaching' by helping clients remain focused on their plan and steering them away from hasty decisions and emotional reactions, especially during periods of high and negative volatility.
  • My job is more about modifying attitude than tweaking portfolios.
  • Income tax is the single largest annual expense for most households.  By helping clients become more tax efficient in their planning, they can keep more money in their pockets.
  • I help clients focus less on their ' realized income' and more on their 'unrealized income'.  It's what you keep and not what you earn that is important.
  • I work with clients (especially pre and retired) to ensure their retirement income can continue to support their lifestyles with dignity and independence.