Our Process

Clients commonly speak of the compassion and confidence that Glen brings to their financial concerns.   For years Glen has been delivering his professional knowledge guided by his strong moral compass and his commitment to his clients’ best interests.   Yet clients identified something more: an underlying process that has earned their confidence.

Your Road Map to Peace of MindTM enables you to feel relaxed and confident that your best interests are taken care of; that you are traveling in the right direction- planned and customized for you.  Glen has developed and refined this planning process over many years.   It involves the following five steps which ensure that your unique situation and concerns are identified and addressed.

Consultation Customization Collaboration Continuous Review Celebration

These are the cornerstones of your sound financial planning process.  


With Glen, consultation with you to identify your specific circumstances is always the first step.  He will conduct a full and thorough analysis of your present situation.   Whether you are a new client requiring a comprehensive financial plan, or a long-term client whose needs or goals are changing, the focus is always on you.

In Glen’s approach, your relationship doesn’t end with fulfilling a plan, it begins with one.   But even before the planning begins there are some basic questions to consider:

Can Glen meet your overall goals and your concerns?   Is there a compatibility of styles, a level of comfort and confidence that will allow you to work together over time to achieve your goals?


There are many facets to wealth management.  Glen’s clients speak of his ability to listen carefully and then create a plan for their unique situation.  Glen pays attention to ensure that all relevant factors are considered.

He will develop an individual plan unique for your situation, requirements and goals.  He will implement strategies to achieve your goals and help you focus on the milestones.  With your agreement, he will commit this plan to paper so that on a regular basis he can review it with you to determine progress made.


Often the planning process involves gathering additional support information and research.   When the situation requires outside expertise, Glen taps into his trusted network of like minded professionals.   He built this network of specialists over many years.   They include accountants, tax specialists, lawyers, and others, all of whom offer his clients the same level of care and respect that Glen himself delivers.   It’s a dependable resource of expertise which is highly valued by Glen’s clients.

Glen, in partnership with you and your other professionals, will develop a roadmap clearly outlining the path to reach your goals.

Continuous Review:

Your path may be winding, requiring adjustments to your plan over time.  Glen monitors and evaluates changes in circumstances both in your life and in the world around.  He will regularly monitor your roadmap and adjust as required.

Glen will closely monitor your financial life, following a consistent approach with enough flexibility to re-balance your portfolio as your needs and progress evolve.


Success is not an end in itself.  Glen feels we all need to celebrate successes along the way.  When you’ve reached your goal, or are ready to tackle the next one, it’s time for you to celebrate success – in whatever way you choose!