Glenn Stewardson, CFP, FMA, MFA-P

Financial Planning Advisor

About Glenn

Glenn Stewardson’s interest in financial planning began in Campbell River, BC in 1989. He was introduced to the author of “The Wealthy Barber”, David Chilton, whose compelling message on saving 10% of your income prompted Glenn to meet with a Financial Advisor and start such a savings plan. Five years later, Glenn opened his own financial services business in Nova Scotia.

Glenn’s primary focus is retirement income protection and retirement income strategies, and he works with a team of wealth planning specialists to serve his clients. He enjoys educating people by hosting and presenting retirement planning, tax and estate planning workshops.

Through his experience as a financial planner, Glenn has developed a distinct style as a clear-cut advisor who thrives on knowing and applying the down-to-earth solutions to every financial problem or question. Clients reap the benefits of receiving straightforward financial consulting from an expert, without having to be experts themselves. Glenn is not interested in complex ideas, jargon, or formulas so much as personalized planning.

Getting himself and his clients very clear on what they want and need is of the utmost importance to Glenn. This is apparent almost immediately during first consultation with him, when he asks the all-important question: “What is the money for?” The answer to this question will be the basis of future planning with clients. Glenn believes one of the most basic principles to effective saving and investing is to know why you are doing so. 

As part of his approach to investing and all things financial, Glenn strives to avoid ruts and “thinking in the past.” Emotional attachment and “lazy investing” are simply not enough for him. Instead, Glenn looks to progressively grow a client’s portfolio by continually asking himself “If this was new money for me today, how would I invest it?”

Glenn’s Ideal Clients

When asked what type of client he loves to work with, Glenn is very accepting. He enjoys working with individuals who are equally as easygoing, are open to new ideas, self-motivated, responsible, and truly interested in listening to his advice. Glenn educates people on how to create financial stability for themselves and their families. Clients who want to understand the core principles necessary to take control of their future will find the perfect consultant in Glenn.

What You Can Expect

The in-depth concepts Glenn focuses on:

  • "Know your number" showing people the exact number they need to save for retirement
  • "Taking control" solutions for real-world debt management
  • "Managing assets" in marriages and second marriages
  • "Personal Pension Plan" how you can create a pension plan with your money
  • "Protect your assets" ways to make sure you cover yourself if the plan hits a bump

One thing clients can be sure they will never get from Glenn is ambiguity. Any client looking for solid advice from someone who knows the industry, can rest assured that Glenn is not afraid to give it to them. He enjoys sharing his knowledge, expertise, and advice in ways that every person can understand and implement – it is easy to see he knows his stuff, and just as easy to follow his suggestions confidently.

Glenn’s direct approach to individual financial planning comes as solid, applicable advice that can easily be implemented by anyone who wishes to do so. He offers more than a simple change or magic solution – he offers a way of life that is fulfilling and supportive. Those looking to make a positive shift in their finances, life, and future owe it to themselves to contact Glenn!

Quality and Education is important

In 2005 Glenn was awarded the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council. He holds this designation in conjunction with that of the Financial Management Advisor (FMA), awarded by the Canadian Securities Institute. Aside from these professional achievements, Glenn is the Chair of the Nova Scotia Chapter of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, and gives back to the community by teaching Charitable Gifting strategies to others.


Jessika Blackburn, PFP®, QAFP™

Financial Planning Advisor

Jessika strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those she meets. She consistently searches for the ‘best outcome’ for her clients. She is passionate about educating others on financial ideas that, once implemented, can and will reduce their tax bill. For the past ten years, Jessika has been working with clients, helping them to stay on track and reach larger financial goals. From creating tax-saving ideas to growing portfolios to retirement income planning, Jessika focuses on the bigger picture for her clients.

Jessika’s desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others led her to volunteer. She tutors both High School and College students in multiple subjects, including business math, to help improve their understanding of implementing mathematical concepts in their daily lives. Not only has Jessika’s dedication to tutoring furthered educational opportunities for her students, but also increased their employment opportunities. She continues to pursue various volunteer opportunities that better the lives of others.

Jessika lives in Nova Scotia with her husband Jon and their son James. In addition to volunteering, she often spends her time outside of the office with friends and family. Jessika loves the outdoors, opting to spend time with her loved ones at the lake where they kayak, swim, and boat. Jessika’s dedication to those things which she loves aids in her success as a financial advisor.

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