Glenn Stewardson, CFP, FMA, MFA-P

Financial Planning Advisor

About Glenn

Glenn is a nationally recognized financial educator and creator of the Joyful Retirement Program. Since 1994, Glenn has been teaching people how to make a bigger impact in their community with tax smart giving. Glenn is involved in the area of tax savings strategies with philanthropy. Helping people create gifts for their community to better the world.


Glenn’s passion is sharing his knowledge and ideas, inspiring people to create a big impact. Educating people on the impact of their money.

Glenn and his team create Retirement Income Plans that offer confidence in answering the question “will I have enough”. This question is asked in a number of ways however; the main concern people want addressed is that they will not run out of money in their retirement.

Why is Glenn Different

Glenn works with people, across Canada, showing them how to view their situation in a whole new light. He has co-authored 2 books:

Giving Transforms You,

52 Ways Giving Transforms You, Your Family, Your Business and Your Community. This book book just had the 3rd printing.


Retire Abundantly

The Proven Principles to Create a More Worry Free Retirement with Less Stress!


The comment from his second book Retire Abundantly is,

"You don't know what you don't know". 

Jessika Blackburn, PFP®, QAFP™

Financial Planning Advisor

Jessika strives to make a positive impact on the lives of those she meets. She consistently searches for the ‘best outcome’ for her clients. She is passionate about educating others on financial ideas that, once implemented, can and will reduce their tax bill. For the past ten years, Jessika has been working with clients, helping them to stay on track and reach larger financial goals. From creating tax-saving ideas to growing portfolios to retirement income planning, Jessika focuses on the bigger picture for her clients.

Jessika’s desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others led her to volunteer. She tutors both High School and College students in multiple subjects, including business math, to help improve their understanding of implementing mathematical concepts in their daily lives. Not only has Jessika’s dedication to tutoring furthered educational opportunities for her students, but also increased their employment opportunities. She continues to pursue various volunteer opportunities that better the lives of others.

Jessika lives in Nova Scotia with her husband Jon and their son James. In addition to volunteering, she often spends her time outside of the office with friends and family. Jessika loves the outdoors, opting to spend time with her loved ones at the lake where they kayak, swim, and boat. Jessika’s dedication to those things which she loves aids in her success as a financial advisor.

Heather Malarky

Executive Assistant

Heather Malarky joined the Assante Hydrostone team in 2017 as Executive Assistant to Glenn Stewardson and Jessika Blackburn. 

Prior to working in the financial industry in 2014, Heather was a Human Resources professional in the hospitality industry. Heather holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from the University of New Brunswick and an Advanced Diploma in Human Resource Management from NSCC.

Heather is the first point of contact for Glenn and Jessika's clients, and her attention to detail, strong organization skills, and ability to build strong relationships make her an excellent fit for the Stewardson team.

Originally from Montreal, Heather moved to New Brunswick with her family as a child but now calls Nova Scotia her home — wanting the city life but on a much smaller scale!

When she’s not in the office, Heather enjoys cooking, and spending time with friends and her two children.

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