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We appreciate that you have worked hard to attain your wealth — and we know that you desire to do good, invest well, and pass on not only your wealth, but also your values to the generations to follow. We also know that managing your wealth can be complex and time-consuming. As your Assante advisor, together we will help you define and prioritize each of your goals and we build a comprehensive wealth plan that will help you achieve them. We will walk beside you throughout your life to help you navigate all of the challenges and complexities you may face along the way. 

Your Trusted Partner Through Life's Transitions

"My own life-changing transitions inspired me to help other women and their families navigate their own difficult life transitions and emerge confident, financially secure and empowered to deal with future life events."

As an Assante advisor, I recognize your situation is unique. You have your own needs and goals and your own preferences for how your wealth is managed. That is why I believe a personal approach to wealth management produces the best results.

Whether you're building on your existing wealth or protecting what you have already built, I can provide the personalized advice and service that you need.

What I Do?

  • I listen to my clients.
  • I ask about their hopes, dreams, goals, needs, emotions and family dynamic.
  • I inquire about past experiences and seek to understand the opportunities and concerns that face my clients as they look to the future.


Once my clients and I have clarified the important planning issues; we work together to develop the right financial strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Authenticity, integrity, honesty, trust and compassion are essential qualities in my world both personally and professionally. If the same holds true for you isn’t it worth a conversation?


Heather Casey

Wealth Management Advisor

I am a Wealth Manager with over 23 years of experience in the financial industry. Prior to joining Assante Capital Management Ltd., I worked for on of Canada's largest bank owned investment firms. i believe that i can help people with my experience, education and understanding to create unique solution for them.  I help my clients in wealth accumulation (from school graduation to retirement), wealth protection once financial security is achieved and converting wealth to income in retirment.

For clients, "wealth" is more than money - it is their ability to do what they want, when they want and how they want, through all of the stages of their lives.

I seek to understand the things in life that are important to you and work with you to translate those dreams into a financial strategy.

When not working, Heather enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling with Mike and their labradoddle, Tupper.  Together with Mike, they have started a stand up paddleboard group called "Simply SUP" to promote the sport and show others how great it is to "Stand on Water"!!   

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Heather Casey

Wealth Management Advisor

Investment services and strategies

At CI Assante Wealth Management, we will work with you to develop a personalized wealth management strategy to meet all your financial milestones. Your plan will be designed based on your goals and needs, built with best-in-class investments, and continually monitored to ensure it keeps you on track toward the future you desire. If you are looking for a financial solution that will simplify and enhance your life, please contact me for a confidential consultation.



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