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Financial Planning Modules

Estate Planning

  • Structuring your affairs for a tax-efficient transfer to your heirs and/or charities
  • Values-based focus
  • Family financial philosophy
  • Financial independence, family legacy, social legacy
  • Wills, trusts, power of attorney

Investment Planning

  • Optimizing returns that are consistent with your comfort zone
  • Utilizing a written Investment Policy Statement to document your unique asset mix and as a means of measuring your progress
  • Financial goals and objectives
  • Personal investment philosophy
  • Risk profile

Retirement Planning

  • Identifying your financial independence objectives and creating a blueprint to ensure you work towards a secure retirement
  • Target retirement date, income
  • Financial independence
  • Monte Carlo simulation

Tax Planning

  • Minimizing the amount of income taxes you pay now and at retirement
  • Tax reduction strategies for current and future years
  • Tax optimization of investment portfolio

Net Worth & Cash Flow Planning

  • Managing your cash flow to enjoy your lifestyle today and in the future
  • Accurate compilation of all assets & liabilities
  • Projections for current and future years
  • Debt analysis 

Income & Asset Protection

  • Measuring and protecting against the financial risks of loss of income, premature death, critical illness and long term care
  • Life and disability needs analysis
  • Critical Illness and Long Term Care coverage
  • Property insurance needs

Business Succession

  • Integrating your business succession plans with your personal goals & objectives
  • Succession plans
  • Business Succession Checklist

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