How to Think About Your Flexible Compensation Options 

September 08, 2022

coupleShopify is pioneering a new approach to flexible employee compensation, and other companies may soon follow their lead. We show you how to make the most of such opportunities to extract optimum benefits.



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Just Laid Off From Your Tech Job? Here's What to Do Next. 

August 15, 2022

coupleLosing a great job can be a terrible feeling, but you want to get back on your feet quickly. Here a a few tips to help you tie up loose ends and make the most out of your exit.





2022 Federal Budget Highlights 

June 01, 2022

coupleHere's an overview of the federal budget released recently, including some of the measures introduced that could be of interest to you.






Why Tech Millionaires Should Start Businesses

April 07, 2022

coupleIf you work at a successful tech company and have equity compensation, this article is for you!






Best Tips for TFSAs

October 30, 2021

coupleHere are some tips to help you get the best out of your TFSA.






August 30, 2021

small businessFind out what factors to consider when looking at RRSPs or TFSAs for investment savings.




AAII And How To Avoid It

July 27, 2021

small businessAdjusted aggregate investment income (AAII) rules were introduced to extract more revenue from successful businesses, but there are creative ways to protect more of your wealth.




Tax Tips for Business Owners

July 27, 2021

coupleUnfortunately we can't eliminate taxes, but we can mitigate or defer them through wise business practices. Here's a few.





Critical Illness Insurance 101

July 24, 2021

mixed coupleIf the purpose of life insurance is to cover your family if you die, critical illness insurance is meant to cover you if you live.




Incorporation: Now, Later Or Never?

June 25, 2021

coupleAre you a small business owner and thinking about incorporation? There are several factors to consider, such as the tax rates in your province, your personal cash flow needs and how long you've been in business. Here we look into this in detail.




Nine Common Tax Mistakes We See On Tax Returns

May 30, 2021

taxesWith tax season behind us, we thought it would be a great time to get you planning for next year. It's nice to learn from your own mistakes, but even better to learn from other investors' mistakes!


Do You Own Foreign Assets?

May 25, 2021
retiredForeign assets are tempting to Canadian investors, but this can lead to additional reporting obligations when filing taxes in Canada. Here we'll walk you through the rules around Specified Foreign Property (STP).




Is Your Human Capital Protected?

May 01, 2021

Money MakerIf you owned a money printing machine, would you buy insurance for it? You'd probably say yes. Now how about insurance to cover your earning potential, i.e. disability insurance? It's kind of the same thing.



Manage Your Finances Like An Outsider CEO!

April 27, 2021

Financial Market calculator

Here's a few ideas on cash flow management from some of the most successful CEOs of recent times that could bring your personal finances to life!

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Tax Pitfalls for US Stock Options

Sept 18, 2020

stockStock compensation can turn employees into millionaires, but on the flipside huge amounts can be lost to taxes if one does not understand how their employer stock works. Here we delve into one of such complexities with US stock paying dividends.



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What to do with my RSUs

Sept 9, 2020

guy talkingFind out how RSUs work as a stock-based compensation and strategies that can be used with it to help build a retirement nest egg.

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Should I Invest in Real Estate?

Sept 9, 2020

graphReal estate investments can feel safe due to to the physical nature of its products, but is it really that simple? Here we walk you through the pros and cons of these type of investments.

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Top To-Do List for New Parents

Sept 2, 2020

new familyFew things are more life-changing and challenging than the birth of your first child. Here are three important steps new parents can take to prepare long-term for their new family.



Life Insurance 101

June 5, 2020

old coupleHere's a quick crash-course in the different types of life insurance and what they are used for.




The Truth about Mortgage Insurance

May 21, 2020

adviceWe walk you through the fine print of mortgage life insurance in contrast with a term life policy alternative.




CPP: Know Your Options

May 20, 2020

retired coupleWe walk you through the options with scheduling CPP payments: taking CPP early versus taking later, and what is preferable for different individuals.


Where Will My Money Come From In Retirement?

May 13, 2020

retired coupleOnce work stops and with it the regular pay cheque, how does the switch to relying on savings work? Which investments should be taken out first and which should be left to grow? We'll show you.


2020 RRIF Reduction FAQs

April 30, 2020

RRIF FAQs old people

Are you anxious about your RRIF assets in light of the current market volatility sparked by COVID-19? Here's what to know in order to take advantage of the federal government's 25% RRIF minimum reduction for 2020:


Donor Advised Funds

April 30, 2020

retired coupleThink of a Donor Advised Fund as a foundation minus the complexity and set up cost. This could be significantly convenient for charitably inclined individuals. Find out why.


Track Your Expenses

March 12, 2020

track spendingHere are a couple of ways that tracking your expenses can help you close loopholes and keep more of your money.



What is a Will?

March 12, 2020

retired couple2Getting a will drawn up can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but that may still be more straightforward than dying without a will. Here's why.



Top 5 Misconceptions About RESPs

February 18, 2020


In this article we identify some of the most common misunderstandings and how to get the most out of your RESP.



Watch for the Claws!

December 10, 2019.

retired couple

Are you receiving OAS and making more than $77,000 a year?  Then you are getting clawed! Here's what you can do.




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