Our Process

Becoming a client

At Assante, we make sure you have all the information you need before making such an important decision as choosing a financial advisor. We provide all prospective clients with a detailed advisor profile, explanation of our services, and a company overview that explains the advantages we offer to our clients. We listen to your goals and dreams, evaluate your current financial situation, then formulate a plan to help you meet those goals. In the end, you will have a plan that addresses all of your needs by providing the most effective solutions for you and your family.

To learn more about the benefits of being an Assante client, take a closer look at our customized approach below, or contact me at your convenience for a private consulation.

Our 5 Step Process

Step 1

Our “client focus” is primarily for families owning private companies, professionals engaged in private practice and individuals looking to maximize value during retirement.


Step 2

We outline  available  resources  to  fund  your  individual retirement plan.


Step 3

We clearly identify opportunities such as debt coverage, income interruption exposure, tax optimization strategies and then explore solutions.


Step 4

We provide you with a formal written plan: your own “Financial  Blueprint”,  which  shows where you can be (financially) at age 40, 65 and beyond.


Step 5

We meet with you regularly to provide updates and, if necessary, recommend alterations to your plan.