The Typical Client

  • You are a small business owner or a professional. You have many years to retirement but will have to rely on your accumulated wealth in order to realize a comfortable standard of living in retirement.
  • You will have confidence in a conservative, long-term plan that will help you grow your wealth at a measured pace over time. You believe in preserving your capital first rather than emphasizing rapid and more risky portfolio growth.
  • You realize that a financial road map is the best way to organize your finances and meet your short- and long-term goals.
  •  You want to make clear decisions on your financial well-being today. You are willing to implement the recommendations of a financial plan and periodically review your progress.
  • You believe in the importance of an objective professional as your personal CFO freeing up your time to pursue your career and family goals.
  • You believe that a good reputation, trust, and professional experience are the characteristics you want in your Financial Advisor.
  • You commit to open and honest communication with your Financial Advisor.
  • You are willing to pay a fee for professional financial services.