Jeff Hector

Financial Advisor

The services we provide are custom-fit for your own family’s wealth and family business priorities, values, and needs.

Your goals might include growth-activities such as family wealth growth or family business development; transitional planning for significant family life stages such as changing your home or doing next-stage planning for developing your family business' future leaders; or establishing a long-term sustainable asset plan for the duration of your retirement years or creating a plan for your family business that allows you to reduce your daily responsibilities while empowering and enabling the next generation to take on new leadership roles.

Whether you are an executive or professional whose needs are primarily family-oriented, a family business owner who needs to incorporate the family business into your overall financial plan, or a retiree who seeks to get the most out of your hard-earned assets, our team has the skills, training, credentials, and experience to help you craft an intelligent plan that will guide your wealth and enjoyment decisions both now and in the future.

To determine if our service options will serve your family’s and/or family business' financial needs, please call our office at (604) 678-3003 or visit our website at:

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