"Deciding to sell your business and retire are some of the biggest and most impactful decisions you'll make in your life. Financial planning, changes in lifestyle as well as family considerations are just a few of the challenges you'll face. Fortunately,I had KHB Capital to help me navigate it all. Earl Kaplin was always there for me with valuable personal and financial counsel, while Olivier Brasseur managed the details and finessed my portfolio, and Jeremy Hampson provided invaluable guidance for my insurance needs. I cannot thank them enough and can confidently recommend them to anyone contemplating a big "life changing" event such as retirement.
Jay Goldman, CEO (retired), client since 2010

"I have done research and compared the value of what I receive from Earl with that of my very close relatives who deal with two other prominent wealth management firms in Montreal. The level of advice, service, AND RATE OF RETURN are all superior with Assante. Moreover, Earl and his team actively keep track of all my holdings (I have a few outside of the portfolio I keep with them) and factor those assets in when discussing our financial goals etc. They are comprehensive, consistent, attentive, prudent, and available when I need them to be. I have been very happy with Earl, over the last 25+ years, along with Jeremy and Olivier who came into the picture a little more recently. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. 
Dr B, Pediatrician, client since 1993

"Earl Kaplin has been a guide, coach and confidante during good times and harder times through respectful, shared communication. I greatly appreciate and value his knowledge, experience and sensitivity in providing personalized advice to advance my portfolio or to address my changing needs."  
Cynthia Finklelstein Perlman, Professor, client since 2010

"Jeremy Hampson checks in with me and responds to my concerns regularly. His diligence and professionalism are exemplary." 
Dr Derek da Costa, Pediatrician and Business owner, client since 2018

"Over 20 years ago, we met with Earl Kaplin, and we said that our key goals were to be sure our family was taken care of and that we could sleep soundly at night. Earl, Jeremy, Olivier and all their staff have always proven time after time to be honest, accessible, and knowledgeable so that we have been able to meet all our financial goals and we have slept beautifully ever since."
Pamela and Dr Gad Friedman, client since 2000

"Always great service, communication and support."

Jane Preville, Executive (retired), client since 1986

"I have complete confidence in my advisor"
Susan Carsley, Artist and Business Owner, client since 1993

"We very much appreciate your important contribution to our lives. You have brought something beyond what we imagined when we came to you many years ago!"
J. & H.  client since 2002





















Tarina Wagchal, President and Founder, client since  
Robert Gosset, Notary, client since 2000