I started to see Kathie around 1992 after I heard her on CJAD. I was looking for a new advisor as the woman I was seeing previously at another company became president and passed me on to someone else at that time. I felt that she did not care anymore for the little guy once she became a big shot. Kathie and her team are attentive, caring, and knowledgeable. They asked me questions that helped them know more about me and my life. Her team includes Roslyn who is the go to person who will help you with anything you need, be it an appointment to schedule, or any paperwork you need done, she will get it for you. Jean D'Aoust is Kathie's back up and I call him the numbers guy. He will figure out any financial projections that you may need to help you make future decisions about your portfolio. Heather is also a big help for Kathie’s team. Kathie and her team treat all their clients the same. I feel that they honestly care about my personal and financial well-being.

— Sharon



We first met Kathie in the year of my retirement from a major Canadian corporation in 1991. At that time, the firm was DPM Financial Planning Group. Over the years we met regularly with Kathie and eventually with her business partner, Jean D’Aoust. Both have been our Investment Advisors ever since. No one could have forecasted that my retirement income would be impacted by the demise of the Corporation I was employed by for 35 years. Our lives would have drastically changed for the worse had it not been for the personal registered plans we hold with Assante. We have done well over the years due to the guidance from Kathie and Jean. Even through the ups and downs of the market, I will always remember these words “STAY THE COURSE”.

— Al
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC , August 30, 2017

I first met Kathie Montgomery when she worked at Canadair. She subsequently left to pursue a career in Financial Planning. When a savings plan I owned at Canadair was collapsed in the early 1990's, I contacted her to invest the proceeds. Since then I have followed her financial advice to my advantage. Kathie advised us to consider Assante Wealth Management in 1999 as we were looking for more diversification in retirement. Decisions were made to pursue this plan much to our financial advantage, such as: - Diversification of heavily weighted stocks which subsequently lost much of their value - Maintained the value of our Portfolio through the bad period of 2001 to 2004 - Valuable advice on Tax and Estate Planning. The experience we have had to date with Assante has proven to be rewarding and had made our retirement years comfortable and realtively stress free.

— J.F.
Ontario , May 10, 2005

Dear Kathie, Thank you very much for all of your hard work, trustworthiness, and dedication which have allowed us to enjoy a very comfortable and long retirement. I must admit that this letter of thanks is long over due. As you know, after taking early retirment in 1995, we consulted with many financial advisors before partnering with you. The initial fears of handing over the management of nearly 40 years of savings and investments to a stranger quickly vanished when we met. I appreciated your expertise, honesty, and integrity in our very first meeting and am grateful to have found someone as trustworthy, hard working and dedicated to our well-being as you. Once again, I would like to thank you, Jean D'Aoust, and your team for everything you've done for us over the years.

— K.C.
Quebec , February 22, 2008

Kathie Montgomery is most willing to speak to your parents. Her office number is 514-832-5215 at Assante - a woman named Roslyn Mayoff will answer and then your Mum can ask for Kathie. I have been dealing with them (through various names) since about 1984. If not for Kathie, my tax bill would have been even worse than it was. My account is small but she still keeps an eye on it as though it were millions. My father brought all his business to them a couple of years later, and this same team became even better friends with him, stuck around throughout the illness and then handled the estate beautifully. I can't say enough about how well they did it. Note that the name of the firm is Assante and that Kathie heads a team there; but she will meet with your parents personally. For instance, Roslyn has been with her forever and handles a lot of the administration and the paperwork. Jean D'Aoust is Kathie's main back up and does the financial projections. Heather Daniels had left the company at one point but came back a few years ago and is still with them. I gave Kathie a brief overview of your folks to the extent that I know the fact pattern. Note that Kathie is in the same age group and level of fitness (i.e. still goin' gangbusters!) as they are and, as far as she can see at this time, is not thinking of retiring anytime soon. She also travels across the pond regularly and I think can relate to the realities your parents experience and their wish to preserve a certain active lifestyle very well. I also just think they would be a good match personally. Hope this helps and good luck. Cheers!

— D.R.