My Philosophy On Wealth Management

I believe in planning, not products. Sitting down with each and every client to determine their current situation allows me to make informed recommendations that are suited to their unique needs. It is my responsibility to make diligent, informed decisions that seize identified opportunities. I feel that each and every client deserves to know why a recommendation was made, and how it benefits them financially. If something is unclear, it is my role to educate until an understanding is reached.

I do not believe in selling based on returns. What is paramount, in my opinion, is ensuring that my clients have as much in their pockets at the end of the day as possible.  Returns play a role in creating this number, but tax efficiency, personal and corporate structure, risk mitigation, tax deferral and most of all planning can impact your income dramatically.  

What I enjoy most about this business is helping clients improve their overall financial situation. It is exciting to look over prospective clients finances, and discover ways we can work together to help them achieve financial freedom. I feel that this approach has been largely overlooked in favor of a transactional relationship, which I think is detrimental to an individual or family’s financial health in the long run. Fewer clients, greater attention, and more cohesive relationships are the ways in which I feel we can be stronger together.