Matt Buie always impresses me as being honest and having integrity. He is very personable. He listens to my concerns, what is important to me and does not push his own agenda. I have confidence in Matt. He offers wonderful service. He will phone me when items in my portfolio need rebalancing. I do not feel that I have to look over his shoulder. He is on top of what is going on. He initiates portfolio reviews on a regular basis and it is clear that he is looking out for our best interests

— Dr.Lesley J
Vancouver, BC


Matt is an Investment Advisor who keeps in touch on a regular basis. He is there when I need him and I value his knowledge and recommendations. He is a nice guy, a good listener and has a nice approach. I have been his client for the last seven years and have been quite happy with his level of service

— Dr. Patricia M
Vancouver BC


Matt Buie has been our financial advisor for over 9 years now. Without exception Matt has been honest, trusting and trustworthy, ordered and open- minded in his dealings with us. Over all these years during each encounter Matt’s intention to serve us as unique and valued clients is always evident, enjoyable (along with his humor), and professional.

— Andrea and Chris K
Vancouver BC


When I consider my upcoming retirement, it has been incredibly helpful for me to review where I am at not only financially but also personally and contemplate what is next. I find it helpful to discuss and have your sage input/advice and to know that what I am experiencing is the norm.

— Heather A
Vancouver BC


I've known Matt for 2 years, during which we've developed an excellent working relationship. Matt has made a great effort to get to know me; my values, interests, worries, plans, hopes and wishes. Being understood deeply and accurately matters to me; it's essential to designing my portfolio in the way that's most likely to ethically afford me the life I'd like from now on. It's also important for estate planning. I believe Matt has my best interest at heart, is committed to his own professional development and maintains a high ethical standard in his practice.

— Jennifer S
Vancouver BC


I am deeply grateful for the day I met Matt Buie. At 42, a single income, single mother, I own a home I love, my Will and Power of Attorney are in place, I am comfortable with all my insurance coverage and my RRSPs and RESPs are in a healthy state that make me confident about the education I can provide for my 5 year old and my quality of life in retirement. And though I do reserve some credit for myself, I know without a doubt that I would not have reached my current state of 'peace of mind' without the guidance and friendship of Matt Buie. I am no rock star when it comes to earning or saving money, but looking back on what Matt has helped me accomplish in the 15 years I have known him, I am very proud. That's a nice way to feel in this day and age. More than Matt's honesty and integrity (which are considerable), I truly appreciate his ability to help me assess what is truly important to me in my life and help me to make sure that those are the things I focus my energy on when making financial choices.

— Kimi W
Vancouver BC


I came to know Matt Buie when we shared that common thankless job of serving on our Strata Council for several years. From that experience I gained the confidence in his integrity, intelligence and capacity to work hard to retain him as my financial advisor. Over the years we have developed a solid, collaborative relationship in the management of my portfolio. I have been especially pleased with his efforts in recent years to develop a portfolio of equity stocks to manage within my RRSP. It separates him from the herd who I feel generally take the easy way out by recommending purchases off the shelf of mutual funds. As hard work rather than luck would have it, it has paid off in a significant positive increase in return on investment within my RRSP. Additionally his approach has also allowed me to feel I have some active input and thus control over what is happening with my retirement fund. All in all, working with Matt has definitely been a win - win outcome for me and I would highly recommend him as a financial planner

— Nick D
Vancouver BC


I am a retired social worker and have been a client of Matt Buie’s for close to twenty years. I have always found Matt to be both honest and trustworthy and whenever I have phoned with a question or request, he has returned my calls promptly, something none of my previous financial advisors could manage. Matt is well organized and patiently takes the time and effort to explain any changes he proposes to make in my investment portfolio. Over these years he hasn’t made me a massive fortune—and I had no expectation that he would—but he has given me a decent profit, despite the recession we have reportedly put behind us. I would unreservedly recommend Matt to any person who asked me about a financial planner.

— L. Ralph B. M.S.W
Vancouver BC


I first began working with Matt in 2008 which was an extraordinary challenging time for financial planning. Matt helped me re-organize my portfolio so that it was optimized for the eventual market recovery. He has consistently and diligently provided me with the right advice and information while taking a whole approach to my life and financial circumstances. Matt has a very nice demeanor which makes financial planning a less demanding and arduous task. He has a balanced approach to planning and never pushes financial products that don't meet my needs. I have enjoyed working with Matt and have no hesitation in recommending his services to friends and family.

— Philip M
Richmond BC