Who We Work With

Our Clients Have Four Things in Common:

  1. They Seek Transparency.
  2. They Value Professional Advice.
  3. They Value Their Financial Well Being.
  4. They Are Focused on Growing & Preserving Their Net Worth.

If you relate to one or more of these ideals, contact us.

We grow and maintain our client relationships by being Transparent in our relationships – regarding recommendations, fees & costs, performance and our compensation. We have nothing to hide and we work for our clients. In our conversations with new and potential clients, we continue to find that investors are fed up with confusing explanations, hidden costs and poorly explained strategies.  

Clients use our services because they understand and appreciate the value of Professional Advice. If you are sick, you go to a qualified doctor. If you need dental work, you go to a qualified dentist. If you need financial advice, you seek a qualified financial advisor. Hiring a qualified professional advisor should simplify and improve your financial well-being. Let us explain our value to you.

Whether you are fed up with mediocre advice and are looking for better value, are wondering whether you have room for improvement in your financial situation, or are looking for unbiased opinions and strategies across a range of financial topics, we can help you improve your Financial Well Being.

All investors want to “make money” when they invest. Most investors, and advisors, typically forget that you can’t enjoy what you don’t keep! Preserving what you have accumulated and earned is critical. Managing risk and using strategies to grow, and ultimately preserve capital, is where a financial advisor delivers true value.

 At Assante, we simplify your life by meeting all of your wealth management needs in one place.

Discover the Assante difference.

Call me to discuss:

Tax and estate planning
Retirement income planning
Business succession planning
Investment planning advice
Cash management
Charitable giving
Mortgage and debt management
Insurance planning