Critical Illness Protection

  • It is estimated there are over 70,000 heart attacks in Canada each year.

  • There are between 40,000 - 50,000 strokes in Canada each year.

  • An estimated 3,075 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every week.

  • An estimated 55,000 - 75,000 Canadians have Multiple Sclerosis.

Sources:  Heart and Stroke Foundation 2006; National Cancer Institute of Canada; Canadian Cancer Statistics 2007; Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada 2006

Advances in medical science and increasing life expectancies mean you have a better chance of surviving a critical illness.However, a critical illness often brings overwhelming medical and financial burdens on you and your family.

Critical illness insurance can offer you: 

  • Financial protection,

  • Access to the medical services provided by Best Doctors®,

  • Counselling and support services

Critical Illness Insurance pays you a lump-sum benefit which is usually payable 30 days after the diagnosis of a covered critical illness, as defined in the policy.

Critical Illness features and options:

  • Lump-sum benefit of $10,000 to $2,000,000

  • Second event option

  • Functional Dependence

  • Premium payback options

  • Payment, term and coverage options for you and your family - including children


Insurance products and services are provided by Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.

Request a Critical Illness Insurance Quote

Request a Critical Illness Insurance Quote