“It’s not how much money you make but how much you keep. How hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for” Robert Kiyosaki

Why Choose Clearly Defined Strategies Group at Assante Capital Markets Ltd?

Our clients are families, who are going through the same challenges and opportunities we have with our own families. Whether it be retirement income planning, navigating the markets, cottage succession planning, business exit strategies or even putting our kids through school. The advice we give reflects the understanding that families work hard to provide for today, to save for the future, and most importantly protect what they have worked so hard to build. Ensuring that this generation and the next will be better off due to the decisions and choices they have made.

We navigate our families through all the noise (narratives and misinformation), focusing on the information that allows them to make better more financially sound decisions. We point out the information that is of value to their situation, ultimately keying in on the areas they can control. When interacting with our families we don’t deal in story telling or narratives, we focus on data. We don’t put blind faith in the markets always going up. Understanding that the markets like life are not linear, they are dynamic and ever-changing. As a result of this, our investment process, and wealth strategies are actively managed under the lens of managing risk.

While the investment industry refers to risk in terms of volatility, the risk of permanent loss is what matters most to investors. We believe that risk management should be embedded in all parts of the investment process. The goal of risk management is to grow your capital while protecting it from major market draw downs. Our client’s investment plans have a finite time span for both accumulation and distribution of assets, the time lost in “getting back to even” following a major market correction is our primary concern. Our entire investing process is designed to mitigate those losses during periods of significant market declines. And right now, there's a compelling case that investors need a rigorous risk management process more than ever before.

As parents, husbands, sons, and business owners ourselves, we know the key to financial freedom is a comprehensive plan, examining multiple scenarios and strategies. We all want the best for our family’s future. At Clearly Defined Strategies Group we provide the guidance to avoid the big mistakes, mistakes that cost real wealth, ensuring the ability to protect and provide for the family well into the future.





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