"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close you can tell them what they need before they realize it themselves" Steve Jobs

Our Clients, Your Families

All of our clients are successful in their own right. Our clients are families, who are going through the same challenges and opportunities we have with our own families. Whether it be retirement income planning, navigating the markets, cottage succession planning, business exit strategies or even putting our kids through school. The advice we give reflects the understanding that families work hard to provide for today, to save for the future, and most importantly protect what they have worked so hard to build. Ensuring that this generation and the next will be better off due to the decisions and choices they have made.

While our clients want to see their wealth continue to grow, continuing to provide a level of security that only comes from achieving financial independence. Their number one priority is to not to lose it! Our clients are not speculators or short-term traders, they rely on our investment process to guide them through the ups and downs of a full market cycle. To take advantage of when the data points to taking on risk and when it is time to reduce risk, preserving there hared earned wealth.

Our clients can be broken down into 3 categories: Entrepreneurs/Professionals, Retirees and Multigenerational families.


  • A wealth creator still actively growing their wealth, likely 45 – 65 years of age, and are largely dependent on their accumulated investment assets and/or business to fund their eventual retirement
  • There are accumulated savings in both personal and corporate accounts. His/her time has been dedicated to work and family, resulting in the investment portfolio not being managed/addressed on a regular basis
  • Choose to delegate, realizing that they lack sufficient time, interest and/or knowledge to effectively manage their financial affairs, preferring to rely on qualified professionals they trust.
  • As their partners they look to us to guide and educate, helping them to make informed decisions. Ensuring they stay in control through all of life’s many stages
  • Expect ongoing proactive communication, specific to their individual needs


  •  Finished working, they recognize the importance of achieving a predictable and sustainable income that needs to last well into the future.
  •  Want to understand where their retirement income will come from to support their lifestyle as well as the tax consequences
  •  Not sure who will manage their assets when they are no longer able
  • Concerned about the transfer of wealth to the next generation and tax liabilities
  •  In making and carrying out decisions that involve change it is vital that they have a clear understanding of the trade-offs involved

Multigenerational Family

  • Desire to establish a legacy
  • Not sure who will manage assets when they are no longer able
  • Concerned about the estate tax liability of passing on assets efficiently
  •  They prefer to own proven data driven investment strategies with reduced downside risk.
  • Are willing to discuss their financial circumstances and objectives honestly and completely.
  • Are decisive yet flexible, understanding best outcomes will be achieved through competent, caring creative vision, with sound execution
  • May require access to a wide network of professionals such as lawyers and accountants
  •  Want detailed performance reporting
  • Facilitate the consolidation of investments and assets

If you do not have the complete confidence to answer yes to these questions, we believe a conversation with us is important for your family’s financial health.