Rodney, Paul, and the team at Assante are a pleasure to work with. They are client centric, knowledgeable, and thorough.  Their presentation style, analysis and interpretation of data is very clear, concise, and easy to understand. They are fast, efficient, and very solution oriented, effectively pivoting to changes in client requests or situations.  Their personal touch and professionalism are outstanding.

Carolyn Eaton

Senior Scientist, R&D Deploy

Unilever Canada


I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to provide your sage advice, input and complete assistance in ensuring my Will covers my concerns and handling of my investments.   You continue to be my rock in managing my accounts as you have been during this process.

I apologize for taking up your valuable time to assist me with this but, please  know that I am truly grateful and blessed for all you, Brett and Tamar do in the management of my accounts.  I am fortunate each of you have always been there for me and my family in the worst and best of times and I look forward to our continued relationship in future.  

Once again, my sincerest thank you.

Silvana Bodo

May 2022


As  a new client I am pleased with the teams financial expertise ,innovative strategies and professional money management. They offer individual meetings,Webcasts and updates along with lower management costs to help investors achieve their desirable outcomes.
One example of the company’s reputation for excellence is Canada’s 2022 Top Wealth Advisors include two Assante members one from Ontario and one from Quebec. (Source Nov/2022 Report on Business)
I am pleased also with Whitby’s team charitable donation this year to help underprivileged children where 100% of the donation goes to families in need as there are no administrative fees.
The individual attention they provide to my investments is very appreciated. A special thank-you to Rodney Estabrooks who introduced me to his Whitby team,

Sharon Swain


My main concern is to preserve and grow capital to provide a legacy for my young adult children, while maintaining a reasonable retirement. Paul analyzed my finances, provided recommendations and assured me that I would be alright. A consummate worrier Paul puts my concerns to rest and is my go-to person when I need assistance and reassurance.

These past few years have been fraught with constant change and transition for me and my family. Paul remains steadfast in his support, guidance and consultation. With our present, uneasy state of our economy, ongoing issues within our country and worldwide, Paul remains positive, puts things in perspective, eases my concern and looks after my family's interests. He is me rock. 

Silvana Bodo

June 2019