Fee Based Active Asset Allocation Wealth Management Program

Active Asset Allocation Wealth Management targets a client group who need a high quality, customized and cost effective fee-based portfolio solution which is modeled after the Pension Fund approach to money management.

The result, which has now been employed for several years, is the delivery of a low cost, best manager, multi-style and active pension fund approach to client investment management.

The program’s goal is to create portfolios that outperform relevant benchmark indices and their peer group throughout any phase of the market cycle.


Active Asset Allocation Wealth Management utilizes a conservative and reliable investment approach adding value in the following ways:

  • Individual account custom asset mix determination endeavours to minimize down-side market risk and capture up-side market performance
  • Regular scheduled monitoring and rebalancing of portfolios restores the asset mix by following a sell-high and buy-low discipline.
  • Tactical asset shifting is based on rolling twelve month projections of interest rate, business cycles and market direction. 
  • Portfolios that utilize the best performing investment management firms, money managers and investment security solutions judged over the short, medium and long term.
  • The active asset allocation and security selection program utilizes tax efficient allocation between registered and non-registered accounts.
  • Written customized reports benchmarking portfolio performance for clear and concise client interpretation and discussion are provided on, at least, a semi-annual basis.
  • Portfolio management fees are levied on a declining tiered basis based on portfolio size.