Questions & Answers on my Philosophy

“I Develop and Implement Solutions for Clients’ Wealth Management Needs

What can clients expect from me? 

I am committed to excellence in our pledge to help clients achieve financial peace of mind.   I believe a person’s single most important financial decision is the selection of a compatible team of financial strategists.  A client-advisor relationship begins only after I thoroughly understand a person’s goals and objectives, to the point of sharing a client’s vision for financial success, lifestyle and retirement.  To provide excellent advice and services, I extend invitations to like-minded prospective clients who share a mutual degree of compatibility with me - as to philosophical outlook and our styles of approach for financial, portfolio and lifestyle management.

How do I serve clients? 

I aim to serve as a clients’ personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer) in my vital role as family advisor and chief strategist.  I develop strategies to help clients maintain financial well-being and prosperity while coordinating the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers.  If required, I also tap into our own network of professional advisors at the Wealth Planning Group, at United Financial which is a division of CI Private Counsel LP. 

What is my investment approach? 

My investment philosophy is risk-adverse in nature emphasizing capital preservation while tempered with investments that are selected to seek the opportunity in upside performance.  Operating within each client’s risk comfort and investment personality, I structure portfolios that are targeted to achieve long-term growth, with enhanced investment performance and reduced volatility risk.  As a result, both my clients and I sleep soundly at night with assured peace of mind that there is a clear management understanding within our professional relationship.

What other professional services do I provide? 

I endeavor to simplify and enhance the lives of my clients by providing integrated financial and life management services that are tailored to each client’s unique objectives.  I take a multidisciplinary approach to a client’s wealth, career, business and succession challenges by offering access to a comprehensive range of services, from investment and tax advice, family trusts and estate planning, insurance, and professional support services that are capable of serving multiple generations. 

What if clients have questions or concerns? 

We make ourselves accessible to clients, to provide very personal service.  I will ensure that all telephone calls or email messaging are returned within six business hours.  A personal meeting is only a phone call or email request away.

How often will clients hear from my Team? 

I believe that the best client is one who makes informed financial decisions for their monitored investments and other financial affairs.  Hence, I advise clients on a scheduled basis, with easy-to-understand reports, meeting-in-person or conference-by-phone sessions.  The information and the format of my reports are reviewed with new clients at inception, to minimize confusion and misunderstanding in our client-advisor relationship.This reporting also provides regular investment outlooks, economic updates and topical financial articles in my quarterly newsletter Well-Advised.