Our Approach

Our team helps clients navigate the wealth-accumulation and income-distribution stages of life with the objective of minimizing risk and maximizing financial outcomes. We will provide ongoing planning and advice, risk management and wealth management through a personalized and comprehensive solution. If you’re a client interested in legacy planning or charitable strategies, we can help coordinate the planning strategies necessary to meet your desired outcomes.

We have extensive knowledge and experience working within three distinct areas: Retired individuals or individuals planning to retire, sudden wealth accumulation, and clients looking to preserve their family wealth for future generations.

 Retirement Planning

  • Planning in your 50s/60s
  • Am I ready?
  • Determining when to take CPP/OAS
  • How and what to draw for income

Professional & Private Corporations

  • Tax Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Income and Legacy Planning

 Managing Sudden Wealth

  • Sale of Farm / Business
  • Receiving an Inheritance
  • Pension Buyouts and Transfers



 Legacy Planning

  • Establishing your Legacy
  • Preserving Family Wealth
  • Charitable Giving