The Corcoran & Partners Difference

A Complete Approach to Wealth Management


As your main source for all of your wealth needs, our team partners with you to make the right decisions. 

Through a personalized, comprehensive approach to wealth management, our team provides access to a broad range of services and solutions supported by an in-house network of wealth planning experts including investment analysts, accountants, lawyers and estate planning consultants.  We pull all the pieces together to provide you with the big picture – an overall perspective that integrates all aspects of your situation - Tax and estate planningRetirement income planning Business succession planningInvestment planningCash managementCharitable giving and much more.


How we partner with you


1) It starts with listening. Together we explore your aspirations for your and your family's future.


2) Next, we build on your financial awareness and know-how together. Financial wisdom will make financial decisions easier and give you

    more confidence in the outcomes.


3) Through the process we draw on the expertise of high-quality professionals  - investment, tax, legal and more - to

    gather your wealth team.


4) Your wealth team will consider all options to find best in class solutions to help you attain and maintain your ideal lifestyle quicker and

     easier. To make the most of your hard-earned wealth.


5) Once you and the team have agreed upon the tactics and tools needed. We gather them in a written plan where you can see and monitor

    your and your family’s path to financial prosperity.


6) Then, your wealth team keeps you up to date with the progress of your plan and will help you adjust the plan as your life and the world

     around it changes.


7) With financial wisdom, your team of experts and a written map, you can live your life today, knowing you’re on a direct path to your



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Financial Planning 

Cash Flow — Get a better idea of where your money goes by creating a personal cash flow statement. 

Net Worth — Calculate what you own and what you owe – an important step in planning your financial future. 

Investor Profile — Understanding yourself as an investor is important when creating an effective investment portfolio. 

Retirement Planning 

Inflation and Retirement Income — Estimate how much more income you will need at retirement to maintain the standard of living that you have today. 

Will the Money Last? — Estimate how long your retirement savings will last if you make regular, annual income withdrawals and factor in inflation. 

RRIF Payment — Calculate your RRIF payment and see how long the funds with last. 

TFSA vs RRSP — Find out how your marginal tax rate, and whether you invest or spend your RRSP tax refund, affects the growth of your TFSA or RRSP.