"Sergio has been our Advisor since 1989. He has been very helpful in guiding us to realistic objectives, particularly with retirement planning. He has always been very thorough and professional in his approach to financial counseling. We have no hesitation in recommending him and have in fact done so."

— Janet Belzile - Clients since 1989
Ottawa, Ontario

"Sergio has been my, and now our, Advisor since 1991. He and his team have been great in helping us realize our financial goals far exceeding my expectations. Most people do not have the time, discipline, or experience to build a financial portfolio with good, consistent returns over many years nor do they believe they can. Sergio and his team have done this for us with proven confidence that our investment will continue to grow over time. I want everyone to benefit from the simple and quite risk-free approach that Sergio has helped put together for us to build a prosperous portfolio to be very proud of. I have recommended Sergio to many of my friends and family and continue to recommend to others to partner with Sergio to realize the benefits that we already have for many years, and many more to come. Thank you, Sergio and Margarida!"

— Don - Client since 1991
Nepean, Ontario

"Sergio was first referred to us in 1988, regarding an investment opportunity. He gained our confidence to become our personal Financial Advisor for virtually all of our financial assets. In 2004 we relocated from Ottawa to Calgary. Even with the distance separation, Sergio's continued communication with us and his watchful oversight of our portfolio has not altered our confidence in him. His professional advice together with his awareness of investment options and opportunities to support our financial plans, is greatly appreciated."

— Ernie and Elaine - Clients since 1988
Calgary, Alberta

"We have enjoyed a most satisfying professional association with Sergio since 1991. His extensive knowledge and expertise have allowed him to develop for us a personalized investment strategy which gives us peace of mind and confidence in meeting our investment goals. We never hesitate to recommend Sergio to our friends and family."

— Russel and Lise Rieger - Clients since 1991
Val de Monts, QC