Our Beliefs

  1. We believe in order to fully help our clients we need to understand our clients’ lives.  In our meetings we ask a lot of questions and we listen.
  2. Our most important role is to help our clients make the right decisions by providing perspective and guidance through the decision making process.
  3. A written wealth plan outlining specific goals and actions fosters success therefore we develop a plan, monitor its progress and work with our clients to keep on track.   
  4. We believe our clients are best served through a collaborative team approach.  We work with our clients other key advisors to bring them into the wealth planning process and value their feedback and guidance through plan development.
  5. A well-balanced and disciplined investment process matching our client’s specific needs and risk tolerance provides the best opportunity for investment success.  We use proven asset management services with top money managers and we base our manager selection only on those we feel are best suited for our client’s objectives.