Discovery Meeting

Our first meeting is an opportunity for us to get to know each other.  We begin by taking a look at what’s important to you in your life: personally, financially, and otherwise.  We’ll explore your fundamental values, financial goals and challenges as this helps us know what’s important about money to you. Along the way we’ll ask a lot of questions about you, your family, your goals and your financial experience.  This is the Total Client Profile.    

Included in this meeting is a brief outline of our process, an explanation of the investment and planning fees, and how we get paid.

Investment Planning Meeting

We believe in a comprehensive and systematic approach to investing which explores all the opportunities available to you and your family.  Using the information obtained through the Discovery Meeting we present to you a detailed investment plan describing your unique investment objectives and timeline, liquidity and income needs, and most importantly your tolerance for risk.These objectives will be reflected in your personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a portfolio 'blueprint' that summarizes how your portfolio will be managed.   

Your customized portfolio is designed to:

  1. Preserve your wealth and maximize return for your given level of risk
  2. Utilize appropriate tax planning strategies to mitigate and defer your overall tax liability on investments.
  3. Reduce risk through multiple asset class diversification, currency, and geography
  4. Provide a consistent portfolio mix through periodical rebalancing  

Our investment philosophy is conservative in nature and our process utilizes top money managers.   We base our manager select only on those we feel are best suited for our client’s objectives.  

Mutual Commitment Meeting

In this meeting we address any questions you may have and confirm our commitment to work together.  We complete the paperwork necessary to open your accounts and begin the first steps in the creation of your new wealth management plan. 

45 Day Follow-Up Meeting     

For this meeting we’ll ask you to bring in all the paperwork since account set-up.  We’ll help you organize your paperwork and understand the statements you receive. We’ll also provide you with your own Personalized Wealth Management Binder which you can use to keep all your important documents.   

Regular Progress Meetings

In this meeting we begin the process of reviewing progress towards meeting your goals and present you with advanced planning to address your financial challenges beyond investments.  Advanced planning deals with four key areas:

  • Financial Planning analyzes your key resources and answers the question – will you have enough.  We provide you with retirement projections showing you what needs to occur for you to meet you retirement income goals.   
  • Wealth Enhancement aims to minimize the amount of tax you and your business pays. We work with your accountant to ensure all the unique aspects of your tax situation are taken into account in an effort to maximize your after tax income.  
  • Wealth Transfer provides a framework to efficiently and effectively pass assets to succeeding generations.  We utilize the expertise of our wealth planning group along with guidance from your lawyer to provide you a written estate plan.     
  • Wealth Protection helps protect your wealth against creditors, children’s spouses and potential ex-spouses as well as helps protect you and your family against a catastrophic loss such as pre-mature death, disability or critical illness.