Our Services

Within our wealth management consultative process we provide the following services:

Investment Service

  1. We establish your tolerance for investment risk, cash needs and performance expectations.
  2. We develop your investment plan - your "roadmap". It outlines how your portfolio will be invested. It is also known as your Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  3. We implement your investment program and monitor progress, rebalancing your investment mix when necessary.
  4. We provide comprehensive reporting outlining how much you've invested, what it's currently worth and what your personal rate of return has been.
  5. We schedule periodic meetings to confirm ongoing suitability.

Wealth Planning Services

  1. We provide written wealth plans (minimum account size of $500K).
  2. We provide retirement projections to help you answer the question "Will I have enough?".
  3. We implement strategies to help you save tax.
  4. We provide guidance on major purchases such as a new home or business.
  5. We help our clients effectively and efficiently pass wealth from one generation to the next.

Insurance Planning Services

  1. We help our clients protect their families against loss of income due to a premature death, disability or critical illness such as cancer or heart disease.
  2. We help our clients make meaningful gifts to charities leaving lasting legacies.
  3. We help our clients plan the equal transfer of their estate to their children when only one child carries on the family business.
  4. We help our clients maximize after-tax-income while also enhancing their estate value.

*Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.

Business Planning Services

  1. We help our clients protect their businesses with key man insurance planning.
  2. We help our clients establish group Health Benefit Plans for their employees.
  3. We help our clients' employees save for retirement through Group RRSP's.
  4. We help our clients plan for succession of their business.