What We Bring

We think choosing a financial advisor is a very important decision.   For this reason we want to share what we feel we bring to our relationship with our clients:

Peace of Mind! You’ll have comfort in knowing your making the right decisions for you and your family

Committment! Dedicated, honest and caring advisory team that always takes the time to listen and fully understand your circumstances

Experience! Your advisory team is backed by a large group of experienced professionals.  Our office has over 150 years of combined investment and wealth planning experience backed by one of Canada’s largest wealth management firms.

Perspective! We think logically and help our clients keep their emotions in check through the decision making process.

Expertise!  Our investment planning is comprehensive, systematic and process driven.  We only work with the best money managers with exceptional long term investment performance.    

Longevity!  Our clients know we are here for the long term.  Over the years we have built our successful wealth management practice by working with our clients for their entire lives.

Structured Advice! Our practice is consultative and collaborative.  We believe in working closely with our clients’ lawyers, accountants and other professionals to ensure continuity and consistency throughout the wealth planning process.