We value our relationships with all of our clients and pride ourselves on our exceptional support and service. Find out what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

With much assurance I can say the decision to have Wayne Ricard manage my retirement investment upon leaving my 36 year career with Hydro One has been an extremely positive experience for both me and my wife. Our initial meeting with Wayne was professional and educational yet comfortable and personal. Wayne guided us through a complete assessment of our financial needs, goals and dreams for our future. His professionalism and experience as well as demonstration of the Assante Wealth Management tools gave us the confidence to move forward with investing with Assante and having Wayne as our financial planning advisor. Wayne's ongoing wise, integral and trust-worthy guidance - in addition to the success of “The Plan” - is making our financial goals and dreams a reality. Roger and Lori Powell

— Roger & Lori Powell

After our recent review meeting, we got to thinking about our relationship, and for that matter, the required relationship between any client and their Financial Advisor. We spent over an hour talking; more about our families, our activities, and our plans, than we did about the technical details of our investments. To us, that speaks to a very strong trust factor that has to, and does, exist between you, my wife, and myself. Too often we hear people complain about their investments, the advice they received, and obviously the resultant investment balance. Those complaints tell me that the trust relationship did not exist. We wanted to say that we live very comfortably dealing with you and Assante, from both a dollar point of view, and from a trust relationship perspective. Just wanted to say THANKS!

— George & Bonnie Spall

We have been dealing with Wayne for the past 11+ years. We find him very knowledgeable and wise with our investments. Our financial future looks very secure thanks to Wayne and the Assante Group

— Jeff & Cindy

What makes Wayne different is that he takes a personal interest in his clients. He brings all relevant parties together to outline what their plans and expectations are for the future so he can ascertain how to best help them achieve their goals. In my case, my ex-husband was the primary client but he wanted me to be present at many of the introductory meetings, as I would be impacted by the decisions that were made. I was included in discussions and was made to feel comfortable with the goals being discussed and the anticipated outcome. Unlike all other advisors I've met, Wayne never seemed concerned about how much money we had to invest. I was always confident that he invested our money in the best place to meet our goals and objectives and, at the same time, because they were good funds, his financial compensation was also achieved; a win-win for both of us. Wayne keeps in regular contact with clients whereas many others don't. When I moved out of province he gave me a great referral and has even kept in touch ever since. I don't expect - nor necessarily want - a personal relationship from the professionals with which I do business, but I do want the assurance that they are listening to me and giving me the best value for my hard earned money. I can honestly say that in the years I've known Wayne, he has exceeded all my expectations and he is the first person to whom I would refer my friends and family desiring financial advice.

— Amy

We have had a close working relationship with Wayne for nearly ten years, and we have always appreciated his knowledge and integrity. His commitment to continuing education has resulted in ongoing excellence in his field, and that thorough knowledge inspires confidence, even in these economically unsettling times

— Murray & Phyllis

In my experience with Wayne I have always felt that my best interests have been in the forefront of our discussions. His expertise and contacts in the community have meant that my wife and I have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips in order to help us secure our future. He always takes the time to review our file and either lets us know he likes what he sees or make suggestions for improvement. He is a great financial coach

— Gord & Lesley

Wayne Ricard has been our financial planner for almost 9 years. In that time he has taught us, coached us and empowered us to make wise disciplined decisions in every area of our finances. He has become a trusted friend and in these turbulent financial times I am grateful for his sound approach to money management

— Jason & Colleen

Wayne has been our trusted Financial Advisor for several years, and has always presented as very professional, knowledgeable and personable, taking a keen interest in our financial affairs and queries. He always makes us feel that we are valued as his clients, and makes us feel very comfortable. We appreciate that he thoroughly discusses our options, and answers any of our questions, prior to making any final recommendations regarding our financial plans

— Karl & Judy

I have known Wayne for many years. In his pursuit to educate himself to be a top-shelf financial planner he has gained the knowledge to assist me with both the simple and complicated areas of my personal finances. I know that he has my family's best interest in mind when he is guiding our financial decisions. I don't think it would be possible to find someone with more integrity to help us plan for our future

— Ray & Jalayne

I have had Wayne looking after my financial affairs for several years and feel confident about the advice he has given me. He takes the time to answer questions I may have and also explains his suggestions regarding my portfolio. At no time do I feel rushed or pressured into a making a decision and he is respectful of the decisions I make

— Margriet

We have been working with Wayne for over 15 years. We have 2 children - our daughter is in 3rd year university & our son is in grade 12. Wayne has helped us prepare for education, insurance & investments, while still being able to enjoy life. My wife and I are both turning 55 this year. Over the years , with the help of Wayne's advice we are positioned to enjoy our upcoming retirement. Even in this current economic downturn we outperformed the markets with our balanced portfolio.

— John & Pat

I have been dealing with Wayne for approx. 10 years now with my investments. As I do not know much about the stock market, I have trusted Wayne to invest my monies in the best area for me - low risk. I have found Wayne to be trustworthy and honest in any dealings I have had with him and have full confidence in his ability to handle my investments to benefit me

— Brenda

Wayne Ricard is a model of admirable virtue, contagious enthusiasm and tireless effort. We sought Mr. Ricard out to serve our financial needs because he suffers the details with indisputable integrity. He is a professional who represents an unconditional commitment to excellence. We have found him to be an innovative thinker with a creative edge to financial leadership and mentorship. Wayne's consistency is a refreshing reminder that there are still those in the professional forum who live above the level of mediocrity. His knowledge of the financial landscape is pacesetting. He knows how to authentically encourage sound money management and articulate the whole of our needs by soliciting from within ourselves the resources of wisdom and practicality. Most of all, Wayne has shown himself to have a coach's heart. He strives to partner with us toward our own personal excellence without striving after his own agenda. Our agenda is his agenda. We have found confidence in his ability to coach us toward wisdom in a secure present and a respectable future

— Dr. Ronn Young, Ph.D