A website as unique as your business

We are pleased to offer market-leading financial advisor websites. The fresh, modern websites have a sleek and professional feel that can be customized to reflect the distinctiveness of your practice.

The program includes a selection of themes to choose from, including a single page business card and a fully customizable website solution, like the one you see here.

Key benefits of our websites

  • Flexibility – You not only have the ability to choose a theme for your website, you can also choose from a variety of banners and widgets, and drag those widgets into a configuration that appeals to you. This allows you to create a customized site unique to your business without having to build from scratch.
  • Mobile responsive Your website will be responsive based on device, so a client or prospect will see a version scaled to the exact size of whatever mobile device or tablet they're using.
  • Search engine optimization – The mobile responsiveness of your site, coupled with metatagging, makes your website optimized for search engines and likely to come up in natural search results. Explore the themes in more detail by clicking the images below.

Our website partner

In order to offer you the best website solution possible, we have partnered with Veriday – a nimble, tech-savvy digital marketing firm with deep experience in the financial services sector.


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Ready to get started?

To create your Digital Agent site, click the link below to get started and select the template you wish to proceed with.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any website program, we understand that there are many important details involved and you may have questions that we can answer. Please see some of our frequently asked questions below or contact us with your questions.



Why are we moving from My Website to Veriday Digital Agent?

To better support you with your online marketing efforts, we are partnering with Veriday to provide you with a modern and easy to use platform to manage your website. Veriday is a technology and digital marketing company trusted by thousands of professionals in the financial services industry.


What are the differences between the Single Page Website and Full-Services Website solutions?

The single page website solution is a one page business card ideal for advisors who want an online presence without any maintenance. The full-service website solution allows you to create multiple pages with customized content. This is ideal for advisors, team practices, or branches who want the ability to have greater control of their website.


Can I switch between the Single Page Website and Full-Service Website solutions?

Yes, please contact the Veriday support team for more information.


Does Veriday offer any premium or white glove services?

Yes, please contact the Veriday support team for more information.


How can I set-up my website?

Please complete the sign-up form and a representative from Veriday will contact you to complete your website set-up.


Can my third-party consultant have access to edit and manage my website?

Yes, please contact the Veriday support team to grant access to your third-party consultant.


How will the migration from My Website to Veriday happen?

The migration from My Website to Veriday is scheduled to take place between July 14 to August 27. After competing the sign-up form, a representative from Veriday will contact you with additional details. Once the migration of all My Websites are complete, the new Digital Agent websites will be launched.


Who can I contact for general support?

Veriday's support team is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST. You can reach Veriday by phone at 888-461-1093 or by email at service@veriday.com.


Who can I contact for questions related to compliance?

Compliance related questions can be directed to marketingapprovals@assante.com.



Will my Digital Agent website URL be the same as my My Website URL?

Websites created on Digital Agent will have a new URL. Your previous My Website URL will be automatically redirected to your new Digital Agent website. We recommend that you update any existing marketing pieces (e.g. email signature, stationery) with the URL of your Digital Agent website as soon as possible.


Will I be able to create multiple aliases for my website?

Digital Agent doesn't come with the option for creating multiple aliases, however you can still purchase a third-party domain and redirect it back to your Digital Agent website.


Can I purchase a third-party domain and link to my website?

Yes. This is a premium service that Veriday also offers. Please contact Veriday's support team for more information.