Testimonial : November 30, 2022


It Is my absolute pleasure to recommend Michael B. Deverill as a financial advisor.
Michael and I worked together at Assante Wealth Management for a little over a year. At that time, I had
just arrived In Canada and started working as his assistant while I was attending college to pursue a
financial planning degree. After giving me what was my first opportunity here, I was able to work alongside
him and witnessed first-hand how knowledgeable he Is In the most diverse areas of wealth management,
as well as how he can establish long-lasting trust-based relationships with his clients, some of them who
have been working with Mike for almost three decades.
Those fruitful business relationships Mike established over the years were possible not only because of
his performance as an advisor but also due to his diligence and total commitment to doing the right thing
for his clients, above all else. He took me In an apprenticeship capacity back then and I can attest that he
taught me nothing but how to achieve results while treating the clients with fairness, honoring our
fiduciary duty. That Is the reason why, after leaving Assante to pursue my career as a financial advisor
with one of the biggest banks In Canada, I asked Mike to give my family the honor of managing our kids'
RESP accounts. Gladly he accepted It, and now we benefit from his expertise and high ethical standards
as his clients over the past four and a half years, of many more to come, hopefully.
If anyone Is looking for an Advisor who can be a high performer and can go above and beyond while
maintaining the highest standards In terms of ethics and compliance, partnering with them to achieve
their life goals and treating their family's money with responsibility and respect, like It was his own,
Michael Deverill Is the professional they are looking for.
Augusto Monteiro