Our Process

Square Peg, Square Hole

Our first meeting, is a confidential discussion about your financial situation
and what it is you are looking for in an advisor.  We will explain more about 
whom we are and what we're all about.  This meeting is more about determining
whether we are a right fit for you and are you a right fit for us?

Information Gathering

At this meeting we will spend one to two hours to get to know more about you
and your financial objectives.  In this step, we will need all of your financial
statements that include insurance, debts and current investment holdings.  We
will also go over your cash flow and estate issues and any other financial
concerns that you may have.

This information allows us to begin formulating financial strategies to best help
you achieve your goals.

Investment Policy and Recommendations

In this meeting we present you with your Investment Policy and tailored
recommendations to your specific financial goals.  This document summarizes
issues and serves as a template to help you achieve your financial goals and
ensures that your investments are done on a tax efficient basis.  We then focus
on implementing the solutions that are most urgent for you and your family.

Working Together and Ongoing Review

You see your dentist, doctor and tax preparer once per year.  Whether the
markets are good, bad or indifferent, it is important to see your Financial Advisor
at least once per year. As your life evolves and circumstances change, your
financial strategies may need to adapt. 

Regular communication is imperative to ensure you are on track and to verify
that your plan is achieving your goals that you've set out for yourself.