Brenda has done a remarkable job with our mutual funds, tax free savings accounts, and non registered investments. She is managing our money so that our heirs will get the maximum benefits by melting down our RRSPs efficiently, to minimize tax. As retired seniors this is very important to us; we want to leave as much as possible to our children and not the government. Until we switched from the bank to the firm Brenda represents, we were consistently losing money in the market but the advisor just said times were bad. It turned out that wasn’t the case and have consistently received reasonable returns without too much risk on our mutual funds. The product selection Brenda has gives her capability to truly customizing a plan that’s right for our needs, where the bank simply offers their own in house products. Brenda adds much value to our relationship in addition to simply managing our investments. In reviewing our taxes a few years ago, she asked why I was not collecting Old Age Security. I told her a CRA agent had told me over the phone I was making too much money to qualify. Brenda informed me that I was not and provided me with the form to apply for back payments. I eventually received 11 months back payments -- the maximum allowed. My wife and I are most grateful for all the help and advice we get from Brenda. She keeps on top of what is going on, holds regular reviews with us, and makes necessary investment changes to maximize our earnings.

— Ken and Gloria Shoesmith
Dundas, Ontario , October 01, 2014

"Brenda took the time to explain things along the way and answer our many questions. She listened to our goals, values, and priorities and tailored our financial plan to meet our family's specific needs. Her personal and thorough approach made us feel both comfortable and excited about our plans and our future."

— Melissa & Brock Mason
Hamilton, Ontario , May 13, 2013

In this day and age when the economy is not always stable, it is good to have someone in your corner that has a good understanding of the markets, the trends, the history and the available products when it comes to how to direct your investments and what insurance coverage is necessary. For me, that person is Brenda. I trust her judgement implicitly because she has proven to me that she has my best interests as her priority. I don’t have to panic about what my investments are doing or whether I have enough insurance coverage because she keeps me informed. She always ensures that she provides the context of the big picture while handling the small details. Her advice is sound. Her customer service is impeccable. I really am glad she is my Financial Advisor.

— Kathleen Scott
Windsor, Ontario , May 06, 2013