Investment Advice and Management

Whether for RRSP, RRIF, non-registered investment accounts or Tax Free Savings Accounts, we begin with a discovery process to identify your unique needs, including:  your investment objectives, tolerance for temporary account value fluctuations, investment time frame and other key details.   Using state-of-the-art technology (utilizing input from State Street Global Advisors) a portfolio is designed for your specific needs and detailed within a personalized Investment Policy Statement. 

Upon implementation, we use award-winning instuitional money managers known for their strategic focus, consistent discipline and long-term track record of investing in Canada and around the world.   Suffice-to-say, you want to know your money is being invested by portfolio managers who are among the best in their field.  In many cases, the money managers have substantially all of their own personal investable assets invested within the asset pools that they are managing for you.  Each manager shares our disciplined approach to risk management and high ethical, professional standards. They bring a wealth of expertise and experience to your portfolio, together managing in excess of $900 billion in total assets.  Once selected, our investment consulting team monitors the managers to ensure they perform effectively on your behalf.  Your portfolio is designed to protect capital in difficult markets while achieving growth in rising markets.   Automatic rebalancing and tax minimization strategies are built into your investment plan.  In that regard, please refer to the “Tax Planning” tab to learn read about the tax effective “Corporate Class” structure.

It’s not easy to be disciplined. Without a plan, most people make decisions based on fear and uncertainty. We support you with professional guidance to keep you on track by providing perspective that helps you avoid common pitfalls, such as investing with your emotions. Ongoing, regular contact ensures we remain closely in touch with your needs, which is also vital to enable us to provide valuable advice for your complete wealth picture.  Professional advice and a disciplined plan allow you to remain calm and confident as you preserve and grow your wealth.