Tax Planning

Looking at your overall wealth picture, our wealth planning team strives to reduce your tax liabilities with strategies such as trusts, endowments, estate freezes and business restructuring.

The tax effectiveness of your investments is addressed through tax optimization in our investment pools; tax-advantaged investment structures called “Corporate Class” asset pools.  There is also the potential for fee deductibility on non-registered investment accounts.  What you keep can be more important than what you make.

What is Corporate Class?

One or more investment funds or asset pools structured as a corporation rather than a trust. This enables investors to make investment decisions without being affected by tax concerns and allows them to benefit from tax deferral and increased compound growth over the long term.

How can it be used?

  • to minimize or eliminate annual distributions;
  • to receive tax-efficient capital gains or Canadian dividends;
  • to regularly rebalance your portfolio without triggering capital gains or losses;
  • to potentially lower your taxes, as you may choose when to realize capital gains;
  • to allow for tax-efficient charitable donation planning; and
  • to preserve or increase income-tested government benefits. 


Generally, the corporate class investment structure should be considered for your non-registered assets, especially if you:

  • have maximized your tax-free savings account contributions;
  • are a higher-income earner who has maximized your RRSPs; and/or
  • are worried about clawbacks to your Old Age Security or other income-tested government benefits.


Corporate Class also applies very well to a corporation with investable assets.



Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses, may all be associated with mutual fund investments.  Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.  Please read the prospectus and consult your Assante Advisor before investing.