Brock Zinken, CPA, CMA

Financial Advisor

A Unique Wealth advisory experience

Wealth has the ability to make life even more enjoyable, but it can be challenging to manage.

Waterloo financial advisor Brock Zinken and his team work closely with you to understand your unique goals, needs and concerns. Brock is located at the Assante Capital Management Ltd., Waterloo office. With over 10 years of wealth management experience Brock listens to your input and uses your goals and priorities to develop solutions that best fit your financial situation. Based on personal and business interests, Brock coordinates strategies for tax, estate, investment and philanthropy around your personal and business interests.

You will benefit from the personalized wealth management solutions created for you, which walks you through every step of the way to reach your financial goals and aspirations.

Brock helps you get your financial affairs in order - and keep them that way - so that you can be free to enjoy your wealth.

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