The Assante Difference

A Complete Approach to Wealth Management

Our team pulls all the pieces together to provide you with the big picture – an overall perspective that integrates all aspects of your financial situation. Together, we will review and evaluate your current financial affairs to formulate a plan that encompasses your entire financial well-being, from investments and insurance, to tax planning and estate planning, to your personal and family wealth, to your business interests. 

We are your full service comprehensive advisors and can help you with the following products, services, accounts and plans:

 Investment products we offer:

  • Common Shares

  • Preferred Shares

  • Corporate and Government Bonds

  • Mutual Funds

  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates

  • Bond and Equity Exchange Traded Funds

  • Hedge Funds

  • Money Market Funds


Insurance products and services we offer:

  • Insurance Needs Analysis and Risk Management

  • Segregated Funds

  • Annuities

  • Disability Insurance

  • Critical Illness Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Cost efficient and Comprehensive Health and Dental Care Service Solutions

  • Considerations on Funding and Insuring of Long Term Care Needs

    Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.


Financial and tax planning services we offer:

  • Detailed Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

  • Debt Management and Banking Solutions

  • RRSP Loans

  • Investment Loans

  • Tax Planning

  • Complimentary Tax Return Reviews for New Clients

  • Tax Return Preparation

  • Education Funding Through RESP's and In-Trust Accounts

  • Corporate downsizing counselling

  • Individual Pension Plans for Owner-Managers

  • Bonus/Dividend considerations for Owner-Managers

  • Succession Planning for Owner-Managers

  • Key Executive Compensation Plans

  • Pre and Post Retirement Planning

  • Will Planning

  • Assistance with Choice of Executor/Estate Trustee

  • Pre and Post Mortem Estate Planning

  • Assistance with Tax Administration and Windup of your Estate


Investment accounts and plans we offer:

  • Non Registered Individual and Joint Investment Accounts

  • Margin Accounts

  • Education Planning - RESP's and In-Trust Accounts

  • Tax Free Savings Accounts

  • DRIP's - Dividend Reinvestment Plans

  • Pre-Retirement Planning - RRSP’s/Spousal RRSP's

  • Post-Retirement Planning - RRIF’s/LRIF's/LIF's/LIRA's/LRSP's

  • Corporate Investment Accounts

  • Individual Pension Plans for Corporate Owner-Managers

  • Estate Investment Accounts