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One very important responsibility that many of us have to consider at one point or another is the responsibility to properly prepare for our retirement. Retirement income unadvised and without strategy can be very challenging.

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At Assante Capital Management Ltd. , my team and I strive to offer you financial advice and income strategies based on your individual needs and goals. Our retirement strategies aim to ensure you have the best plan in place to maximize your wealth throughout your retirement years.

There are several reasons to consider the advice of a professional retirement advisor when you are looking to plan for your future, below are but only a few: 

One of our senior advisors answered the question: How much money will you need for retirement? on the Assante Wealth Management blog.


4 steps to plan a winning retirement

There are several reasons to consider the advice of a professional retirement advisor when you are looking to plan for your future, below are but only a few: 

Step #1 - Define and better understand your needs

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One of the main things that an experienced retirement advisor will help you do is define exactly what your financial needs will be when you retire and understand how to go about assuring you take the steps necessary to make your plan a reality.

One of the main reasons why people do not end up saving enough for retirement is because they do not know early on in their careers how much money they really need. The professional financial advisor will help you to understand what your expenses will be during retirement.

From there, they will be able to provide you with guidance as to what your total nest egg will need to be in order to comfortably retire and preserve wealth. 


Step #2 - Create a Road Map

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Once a definition of how much money you need to have in retirement has been set, the professional financial advisor will be able to help you develop a road map that can be used to help you achieve these goals.

When you meet with a retirement advisor, they will be able to work with you to show you how much money needs to be saved on a regular basis, what type of investment return you need to receive, and a variety of other factors.

This will give you a better guidelines as to what you need to have saved and how you can achieve your goals. 






Step #3 - Tax Strategies 

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When you are going through retirement stratagies with a professional, you will also receive help when it comes to preparing for taxes.

One of the most underestimated expenses that people incur in retirement are taxes. Fortunately, almost all people can better manage these taxes by following a few different techniques.

A retirement advice service will be able to provide you with a better overview of the tax-advantaged retirement accounts at your disposal and explain how they could help you. This could help you to save a lot of money over time on the amount you spend on state and federal taxes.  



Step #4 - Create New Investment Strategy 

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Finally, when you have a financial planner on your side, you will also receive unique investment advice and learn about strategies that you can follow.

This could help you to get a better understanding of where you can invest money to get the best return on investment while also managing risk.

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