Our Financial Plans

We consider our Financial Plans to be the foundation of our Wealth Discovery Plan. The insight our financial plans provide help to answer several important planning questions:

  • What do you have today?

  • Will it be enough to accomplish your goals?

  • How likely is the outcome?

  • How much more can you spend?

  • What is the minimum level of return required?

  • Are there any specific scenarios that you want to address? 

Most importantly, through our Financial Plans, we help you develop strategies and options to reach your goals and address any potential concerns down the road. 

Net Worth Statement

In order to understand where you are going, it is important to understand where you are today. That is why, the first part of your Financial Plan is to create your "Net Worth Statement." A net worth statement is a single page table outlining your current assets and liabilities. While it sounds simple, it is an incredibly helpful tool for making financial decisions. 

For illustration purposes only. 

Industry Leading Software

We use industry leading software to create our Financial Plans. We want to provide you with all the information necessary to make sound financial choices. We also strive to make our plans as easy to understand as possible. As part of your Financial Plan, we will provide you with net worth projections, cash flow summaries and estate projections, among many other useful reports, charts and graphs.