Our Process

The Discovery Process
- The advisor interviews the client to understand the client’s current financial status and the client will identify goals and prioritize them.  A personal financial review and risk profile are completed in order to develop an Investment Policy Statement to align with the client’s goals.

Analyze and Strategize- Data is gathered and thoroughly reviewed to create a wealth plan that will outline where you can make positive adjustments to achieve your financial and life goals. Our team of experts will be consulted during this step when necessary.

Implementation of the Wealth Plan- After reviewing the plan and agreeing on the next steps a methodical approach is taken to implement the plan.

Ongoing Evaluation- Your wealth plan and portfolio holdings are evaluated to ensure success on an ongoing basis.

Review and Adaptation- We understand that your lives and situation as well as the finance landscape are constantly changing.  An open mind must be kept in order to adapt to changes in the market to take advantage of opportunities.