Glenn McClelland

Wealth Advisor


Glenn became a Wealth Advisor at Assante Financial Management Ltd. in 2003. 

A seasoned figure in the financial sector, Glenn has admirably steered his financial services business for over four decades. His enduring legacy is characterized by a blend of astute financial acumen and a visionary leadership style, which has solidified the firm's reputation as a paragon of stability and innovation.


In addition to his role as Wealth Advisor, Glenn wears many hats in the community, where his passion for sports shines through. Glenn's commitment extends to the realm of leisure and recreation as a past golf club president, demonstrating his multifaceted engagement in both financial and community spheres.


Throughout his extensive career, Glenn's dedication to client success remains unwavering. His leadership transcends traditional financial advisory roles, embodying a commitment to community development and financial education. Glenn stands as a respected figure, leaving an indelible mark on both the financial landscape and the communities he serves.


Alfred Lam

Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer, CI GAM | Multi-Asset Management

Alfred Lam joined the Investment Consulting team at CI Global Asset Management (CI GAM) in 2004 and is actively involved in manager selection and oversight, product development, asset allocation and currency management of CI GAM’s managed solutions. He leads a team of investment experts who monitor the portfolio managers and the funds’ portfolios to ensure they are adhering to their mandates and performing within expectations and oversees approximately 32 billion of assets invested in customized managed portfolio solutions* for our clients. Alfred previously held the role of Senior Manager of the Investment Management Team at CIBC Securities. He has an MBA from York University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Alfred is a member of the CFA Institute and the Toronto CFA Society.  

* With access to a wealth of tools and resources, Assante advisors and their clients are supported by the expertise of an investment management team and wealth planning group available through our sister company, CI Global Asset Management, and CI Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. 


Shane Kirby, BA

Regional Wealth Planner

As a Regional Wealth Planner, Shane Kirby facilitates the delivery of wealth planning reports. Using a needs-based approach, Shane works with our clients to not only gather pertinent financial information, but more importantly, to identify issues and help our clients articulate and document their goals to build a plan that meets their complex needs. Working with the support of the wealth planning team, Shane delivers a strategy that addresses retirement planning, cash flow management, risk management, business planning and estate planning.

Shane became part of CI Assante Private Client in 2001. His experience in wealth planning and financial services spans over 20 years. First, he was a member of the Sales and Service team in Central Ontario, where he formed strong relationships with advisors and their teams. This led to the role of Private Client Manager in April of 2004 as well as Regional Wealth Planner in 2009.

Shane holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Carleton University.

Connor McClelland

Associate Financial Advisor

In 2021 we welcomed Glenn's son, Connor, to our team as Associate Financial Advisor.

Connor is a dynamic individual who seamlessly navigates two diverse worlds as Associate Financial Advisor and a professional lacrosse player. 

As Associate Financial Advisor at Assante Financial Management Ltd., Connor brings his unique skill set to the financial realm, specializing in working with families, executives, and business owners.  His focus lies in diligently monitoring and coaching them to retain more of their hard-earned income, empowering them to shape their destinies.

Off the lacrosse field, Connor channels his passion for finance, guiding clients toward financial success and independence.  With a commitment to excellence in both arenas, he effortlessly balances the strategic mindset required for wealth planning with the agility and precision demanded by professional lacrosse.

Connor's dedication to empowering others to determine their own fortunes is evident in both his financial advisory work and his prowess on the lacrosse field, making him a standout figure who excels in the realm of finance and sports.



Lorraine Drysdale

Administrative Associate

Lorraine has been our Administrative Associate since 1994.

Having relocated to Belleville in 2006, and through the magic of technology, Lorraine has been able to continuously provide the outstanding level of service our clients expect and deserve. 

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