Phase 1 - Key Start Session

This phase consists of the Discovery Process, Establishing Your Milestones, Taking a Financial Snapshot and developing a Financial Independence Road Map:

1.The Discovery Process:

Our first step is to discover “What’s important about Money To You?” and have a discussion to learn about your fundamental values. Once completed, this will serve as the cornerstone of a strategy that aligns those values with your financial decision making process, thus enabling you to reach your long term goals.

2. Establishing Your Milestones:

What are your family’s 3 most important current financial goals?

When do you want them accomplished?

How much will it cost?

3. Taking a Snapshot:

We’ll look at “where you are now” under 4 headings: cash reserves, debt, risk management and growth

4. The Financial Independence Roadmap:

Now we’ll determine exactly what you need to do to reach your family’s personal mildstones, and chart your family’s course for a better financial future. Specifically, we’ll come up with an exact dollar number, savings rate, and targeted rate of return required for your planned retirement and other goals in order to make work ‘optional’.