Jean Pierre Beauchamp, RIS

Senior Investment Advisor
Financial Securities Advisor

Meeting all your financial management needs

As needs and investment opportunities go from domestic to global in scope, so does the complexity associated with the task.
By synchronizing risk management, investments, estate and succession planning, we address your priorities as they evolve over time.By keeping the focus on the end game and away from reactive decisions, we avoid irreparable harm to achieving your financial goals.


Through a collaborative round table process, I work in conjunction with our in-house team of Tax Lawyers, Accountants, Notaries, Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Analysts to proactively provide a total wealth planning experience that we adjust periodically as your priorities evolve. To this end we work in close collaboration with your personal professionals for the final implementation of wills, estate freezes, trusts and other applicable strategies we may deem necessary through our findings.

This unique experience of having a multidisciplinary team of professionals proactively and periodically gather under one roof to plan and update your financial affairs, is an integral part of our service.


Risk management:
Managing risk during the asset accumulation stage provides access to the adequate funds in an emergency for personal, family or business priorities.
Managing risk beyond the accumulation stage, optimizes tax efficiency on the transfer of assets to beneficiaries by paying cents on the dollar to settle taxes where applicable. To this end we work with the largest insurance companies in Canada.

We synchronize the logistics of diversification through the selection of best of breed investment platforms offered by Alternative Investment Providers, Canadian Banks, Mutual Fund and Insurance Companies.


Estate and Succession Planning:
The ultimate goal is to deliver a sustainable lifestyle and tax efficient income throughout retirement followed by the seamless transition of your legacy to beneficiaries.


*Empower through education so that you may make informed decisions

*Exceed expectations through attention to detail


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