What is Financial Planning?

You may be wondering what exactly a Financial Planner does, or how having a Financial Planner like Christine could help you.  Here are some links that could help answer those questions:

Do You Really Have a Financial Plan?   It's All About the Big Picture

I'm Too Young for Financial Planning... Aren't I?

How Can a Financial Plan Help?


Examples of Chris' work

Kids Should Be No Hurdle for Couple  (Investment Executive, Mar 2014)

Tough Choices Ahead for Freelancer  (Investment Executive, Mar 2013)

Projecting Inflation is No Easy Task  (Investment Executive, Nov 2011)

Client Should Work Until Age 70  (Investment Executive, Jul 2011)

Out of Work, Can This Couple Retire?  (Investment Executive, Jun 2011)

Business Owners Should Restructure Affairs  (Investment Executive, Mar 2008)


Chris, her hobby, and the analogy to her role as a financial planner:

Creating Balance, In Music and in Life  (Investment Executive, Feb 2009)