Becoming a Client

If you are interested in receiving objective, tailored advice from a qualified team of professionals then you have come to the right place.

For every prospective client, we follow a three step process outlined below:


1.   Schedule:

To get in touch with us to schedule your free initial call or meeting, please call us at 905-841-7684, or leave us a message on the side panel.


2.   Prepare:

We ask that prospective clients fill out this optional, short, 2 minute survey before the initial phone call or meeting, in order for us to prepare and serve you best. If you prefer not to complete the survey, feel free to have this information available for your phone call, or to bring it to your meeting instead.


3.   Meet:

During our free initial consultation phone call or meeting, we will get to know each other a little bit better through discussion and then determine if we will be a 'good fit'.

Our office is located at:

24 Larmont Street,

Aurora, ON

L4G 1V7