How We Help

Our Process

 Although each person's situation is unique, we maintain a 4 step process that will be consistent for each client:


1.  Understand:

In order to offer a comprehensive, yet uncomplicated financial picture for our clients, it is necessary to understand your entire financial situation. We take the time to completely understand your unique circumstances before we make any planning or investment advice.


2.  Formulate:

Once we have all of the pieces of the puzzle, we then begin to make sense of them. Each family's situation and plan is different. With the help and expertise of portfolio managers, tax accountants, lawyers, and analysts, we will create a comprehensive financial plan that is straightforward to implement.


3.  Implement:

Once the plan is formulated, we do everything necessary to implement it. We take care of the paperwork, manage the investments, and ensure everything is set up and working properly.


4.  Manage:

A concious effort is needed in order to stick with a financial plan. Regular meetings, phone calls, emails, and seminars are just some of the things we use to ensure each plan is followed as planned. When life throws a curveball, we will review and tweak the plan as necessary, in order to stay aligned with your long term goals.