Client Profiles

Snapshots of the type of clients that we successfully work with:

Professionals in their 30’s & 40s who…

  • Regularly contribute to RRSP, RESP, TFSA and/or non-RRSP savings
  • Have saved more than $100,000 in assets
  • May need assistance with debt management
  • Realize that protecting their family from death & disability is a must
  • Are eager to put a plan in place for the future
  • Understands there are no shortcuts to any place worth going

Pre-retirees in their 50s & 60s who...

  • Continue to contribute to RRSP and non-RSP savings
  • May have accumulated more than $150,000 in family assets
  • Are unsure if existing insurance coverage is adequate for their current life situation
  • Would like to effectively protect their personal and business assets from creditors
  • Wish to alter their business structure to address succession and tax issues
  • Seek professional advice on how to integrate their business with their personal lives
  • Are trying to slow down and position themselves for a comfortable retirement
  • Understand the need to consolidate numerous investment accounts and simplify their lives
  • See the benefits of delegating their financial affairs

Retirees in their 60s & 70s who...

  • Are currently drawing income to maintain their retirement lifestyle
  • May have accumulated more than $250,000 in assets
  • Want to ensure their portfolio is conservative and avoid any surprises in retirement
  • Seek tax and financial strategies to minimize the impact of tax on their retirement income
  • Would like the comfort of knowing their financial affairs are in good hands while they’re away
  • Realize the importance of estate planning to ensure a smooth transfer of assets to their family