Martin Frenette, CFP®, MBA

Senior Wealth Advisor

Working out of the Dorval branch in Montreal, Martin Frenette is a Senior Wealth Advisor with Assante Capital Management Ltd. With more than 25 years experience in the financial services industry, Martin has a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and possesses exceptional knowledge of the issues and concerns of entrepreneurs, and professionals. Martin is registered to practice in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, & British Columbia and is licenced to provide advice on mutual funds, securities (stocks & bonds) and insurance products. Martin has also earned the Certified Financial Planner designation.

What makes Martin’s practice unique is the integrated wealth management approach he takes as his clients’ principal point of contact. In this role, he coordinates all of their financial affairs, drawing on the expertise  of a team of specialists to collectively maximize opportunities to preserve and enhance the wealth of his clients.

Community Involvement

  • Member of the Assante Chairman's Council Elite
  • Regional Council Member
  • Founding Partner of the Charles Alexandre Lanero Foundation
  • Youth Football Coach

Martin also volunteers his time and money for organizations such as Red Cross, Centraide, as well as at local events and youth sports.

Insurance products and services are provided through Assante Estate and Insurance Services Inc.

It is with pleasure and without hesitation or reservation that I recommend to you Mr. Martin Frenette. I have always been entirely satisfied with Martin's counsel during the many years he acted as my financial planner. He has performed these duties with due diligence in a highly professional manner. Martin has helped guide my financial strategy with a sensible awareness of the other mitigating factors, at any given time, in my life (without children, with children, saddled with a mortgage and post mortgage). He is very knowledgeable about a wide variety of investment instruments far beyond simple mutual funds or stocks. Martin has astutely advised me on matters ranging from universal life to collateralized lines of credit and beyond. Martin has always followed up any outstanding item or transaction in progress with a sense of urgency and attention to detail. He has demonstrated time and again a focus towards customer satisfaction and has always been highly regarded by my wife and I. Martin has always gone the extra mile when advising me about my financial plan, often anticipating my needs and proactively addressing situations before they become out of control. My busy lifestyle can, at times, cause my interactions to be erratic and chaotic, yet Martin has always been able to react to my varying requests in a sensible, unwavering manner. In closing, I strongly recommend him as your financial planner and assure you that he will quickly become one of your most valuable and trusted professionals.

— Kevin

As a former Investment Advisor, I know the value of professional counsel. On retiring from the brokerage business in 1999 for family reasons, I felt it was important to find a replacement advisor who put the client's interests ahead of his own. Martin has lived up to my high expectations in taking on this trusted role for my valued clientele. Even though I keep current in the field of Financial Planning, I felt it was important to have my own financial advisor to offer me second opinions, keep me abreast of industry news and educate me on the vast array of ever changing new products. My trust has been well placed. I have come to value Martin's expertise and professionalism, but most of all the fact that he really does care! As many families, ours has experienced many upheavals over the last few years. Martin helps us "stay the course" towards our goals of early financial independence and a first class education for our two daughters. I have enthusiastically recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so.

— Jennifer

During the four years that Martin Frenette has been my financial advisor, I have enjoyed consistent and reliable service. He returns my phone calls and e-mails promptly and answers all my questions knowledgeably. He is very professional and I am comfortable discussing my finances with him. I always feel that my financial interests are his top priority. Even though I was only 31 and just starting to raise a family, I feel that Martin values and respects me as much as if I were an older and more mature client.

— Elaine

Back in 2014, there were many changes going on at the company I was working for, and I felt, I needed to do something to protect myself financially. A friend of mind referred me to Martin. In essence he saved my life and got me on the right track and I can honestly say that without his guidance and expertise the outcome could have been very different. Meeting Martin has made future financially secure.

— Louise

As a former executive of Bombardier Aerospace, time has always been at a premium for me. During more than 20 years, Martin has helped me feel extremely comfortable in delegating my financial affairs to him. Since my retirement last year, this has really not changed. If anything, his systematic and well thought-out process has made me feel even more comfortable about my retirement. Thank you for allowing me to truly step back and enjoy what I worked so hard for all these years

— Raoul

Martin Frenette & Associates brought to the table points that I never thought before or was never mentionned by previous advisors. After finally applying for the Disability Tax Credit, I opened my bank account one day to see 9 deposits (representing 1 for each year I amended) totalling over 5000$. I was in shock! It was all thanks to them. Needless to say...but I will... they are good at what they do!

— D. C.

Depuis que je te connais, je dors bien la nuit et tu es dans mes prières!

— M. Charette

We had 3 or 4 financial advisors before you Martin and it is the first time that I understand. You explain in such a way that a non-financial "expert" understands. Thank you 

— Carol