Our Ideal Client

My practice will not accept a new client unless we are confident that we can contribute significantly to their wealth planning requirements both now and in the future.  We also acknowledge that the investment philosophies and processes we believe in are not suitable for every type of investor.  We strongly feel that our “Ideal Client” should reasonably meet the following criteria:


  • You are likely 40-70 years of age and are largely dependent on your accumulated business and/or investment assets to fund your retirement.
  • If you are already retired, you recognize the importance of relying on a professional to manage your financial affairs in order to enjoy the rewards of a successful career.
  • You are open minded and are willing to honestly and completely discuss your financial circumstances and objectives.
  • You are willing to pay for professional advice and are prepared to implement it.
  • You choose to be a “delegator”.  You realize that you don’t have the time, interest or expertise to effectively manage your financial affairs. You prefer to rely on a qualified professional whom you trust and who understands your needs to assist you in making smart financial decisions.
  • As an investor, you are not a speculator, short term trader or market timer.  You are not a stock or mutual fund picker.  You believe that a diversified portfolio approach utilizing proven investment processes and strategies is the only way to achieve reasonable investment performance and effective capital preservation.