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Wealth Management Solutions

Assante is dedicated to meeting your complete financial and life management needs - whether investment, insurance, estate, banking or tax-related. Assante provides access to a broad range of highly skilled professionals, services and solutions through one point of contact ... your trusted Assante advisor.

Many people make the mistake of managing their wealth in pieces - through many different people, such as a financial planner, a broker, an insurance agent and a banker. Not only is it time consuming, but each professional can end up making recommendations without full knowledge of the others’ advice.

As an Assante advisor, I put all the pieces together for you. I will get a complete understanding of your financial situation, your goals and aspirations, and then provide comprehensive, integrated solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Objective advice and choice are essential to client satisfaction and success. I can bring you a wide range of options, supported by an extensive network of expertise, so that you can meet all of your needs in one place.

Meeting your complete financial and life management needs

We carry one of the biggest selections of mutual fund and third-party solutions in Canada. We can provide a wide variety of competitive, banking-related services including loans, lines of credit, credit cards, GICs and more, offered through our partnerships with major financial institutions. Our insurance solutions are top of the line and can help you protect and accumulate your wealth, build your estate and manage your financial risk. Our industry partners include: Manulife, Canada Life, Industrial Alliance, RBC Insurance, Empire Financial Group, Maritime Life, Transamerica and Sun Life. To learn more about our insurance offering, please read the Assante Estate & Insurance Services brochure "A Lifetime of Financial Security and Peace of Mind"

And we offer our own value-added solutions, designed to manage your wealth for you in the manner you choose.

United Financial Investment Solutions

  • Optima Strategy is targeted at investors who require a higher degree of customization and advice and who have accumulated at least $100,000 in household investable assets. It takes a more comprehensive and client-specific approach, customizing a portfolio across family accounts using our exclusive investment pools.
  • Evolution Private Managed Accounts is an innovative program designed to meet the complex investment needs of sophisticated investors with $250,000 or more of household investable assets. Evolution offers customized portfolios based on actively managed strategic asset allocation, a broad selection of leading portfolio managers, a tax-efficient structure, and an exceptional degree of choice and flexibility through geographic emphasis, investment style, currency-neutral pools and equity alpha pools.
  • Private Client Managed Portfolios is a wealth management program designed for clients with even more diverse and complex financial planning needs. Targeted at families with over $500,000 to invest, Private Client Managed Portfolios offer attentive client service through private client managers and comprehensive wealth plans prepared by a team of legal, accounting and financial professionals.


Whether you are just starting out, have accumulated considerable assets or need the most sophisticated advice to help with complex family and business wealth management  we have a solution.