Retirement, like success; is a process not a destination.

Financial planning provides an important influence on retirement lifestyle. The basics of a financial retirement plan include creating a budget and a timeline, as well as healthcare, lifestyle and legacy plans. Specific savings, debt retirement and tax strategies are often most effective when there is sufficient time to implement them.

Various Stages of Retirement Planning

The wisdom of planning early cannot be overstated. That said, the various stages of retirement planning operate together to optimize retirement options. We provide planning and support to develop a vision and help create outcomes that focus on the various financial and lifestyle choices that are necessary to address in meeting your retirement needs.

Early Stages

We create a simple financial plan that addresses, where you are today, where you want to go and how you are going to get there. Development of good saving and investment habits are critical at this point. Insurance needs are reviewed and strategies are established to provide income protection that is affordable and more easily accessible at this stage.

Middle Stages

In the peak wealth creation years, discipline to save for retirement is aided by a good understanding of what impact our present financial choices are having on the future. We provide analysis and direction to help our clients satisfy the desire for a good quality of life now and their need for a good quality of life in the future.

Critical Illness and Long Term Care are seldom top of mind at this time in a persons life, but it is most affordable when one is under 50 and even more affordable under 40, while health issues are not a major factor. It provides lifestyle protection while protecting ones accumulated wealth from being depleted.

Planning for Later in Life

For many Canadians, an investment funds advisor is someone to help you lay out a plan to provide for your family and address your needs when work is no longer an option. In our later years, issues like how to reduce tax exposure in the future and what type of legacy we want to leave become more important.

You can be confident that Assante's team of professionals have specific training to address the complexities of tax planning, estate and succession management to address your unique retirement situation.